Anecdata, noun: “information or evidence that is based on personal experience or observation rather than systematic research or analysis”.

Anecdata, band: pretty much the same thing, but with guitars and synthesizers.

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The latest album, Undelete, comes out on May 29, 2021.

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  1. Holidays in Hawaii Anecdata 2:31
  2. Ammunition (Clean) Anecdata 3:45
  3. I Am the Walrus Anecdata
  4. Rosenhan Anecdata 3:55
  5. The Bike Song Anecdata 2:45
  6. Bunkerland Anecdata 1:26
  7. Irrelevant Anecdata 3:13
  8. Rent-Free Anecdata 2:06
  9. Queenmaker 3:57
  10. House of Ghouls Anecdata 2:02
  11. Girl U Want 2:57
  12. Metronomika Anecdata 3:20
  13. Tokyo Regret Anecdata 3:10
  14. We Could Win, But I Doubt It Anecdata 3:15


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