Listen/download Anecdata’s Undelete – released May 29, 2021. A sprawling double album that ranges from the quirky indie-pop and Gary Numan synths of ‘The Effing News’ to the expansive dreamy soundscapes of ‘198X’ and and the apocalyptic ’80s electronica of ‘Rest Home at the End of the Universe’ and ‘The Best Move’s Not to Play’.

“Overall, Undelete features 20 fantastically produced tracks, with some excellent lyrical content – for me, many of the songs he writes resonate, due to them being about the things I ponder frequently.” – The Hamilton Underground Press

All songs written, recorded, mixed and mastered by D Satherley / Anecdata. Recorded 2020 and 2021 in west Auckland (except ‘Drift’, recorded 2017).

Stream it on Spotify, Apple Music and everywhere else. Or download it from Bandcamp and get bonus song ‘Dead Skeletons’, alternate mixes of four tunes, and demo recordings of another four.

Check out the stories behind the music and lyrics here.

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Release Date : May 29, 2021
Artist : Anecdata
Genres : alt-rock, indie, new wave, post-punk, rock, synth, synthpop