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‘BUT HER EMAILS…’ The new album from Anecdata


Don’t like Donald Trump? Like some synths with your guitars? Here’s the album for you.

Entirely written in the first month of Trump’s presidency, ‘But Her Emails…’ is Anecdata’s attempt to bottle the uncertainty and chaos of those first few weeks of the beginning of the end. Before he fired the head of the FBI, before the ‘Russia thing’ got serious, and when punching Nazis was for fun rather than survival, the administration was a goldmine of soundbites and ineptitude – documented here on songs like ‘Bowling Green Massacre’, ‘Executive Order’ and ‘Never Clever Ever’.

Pay what you want/free download. Coming to iTunes, Spotify, etc very soon!

Check out the first single, ‘Never Clever Ever’, on YouTube or Spotify.

NEW MUSIC: Never Clever Ever / Are You Feeling Stupid?

Here’s the first taste of my upcoming new album, ‘But Her Emails…’ It’s a single called ‘Never Clever Ever’, backed with ‘Are You Feeling Stupid?’

I know I said in the last blog post I’d just be recording every song ever in alphabetical order, but that’s kind of a dumb idea, now that I think of it. Maybe I’ll do one-offs, but for now, I’ve written a whole new record from scratch – and it’s all about Donald Trump. Truly. Don’t believe me? Listen to the two songs above and tell me it’s not!

Pay what you want/free download. Coming to iTunes, Google, Spotify etc very soon. Here’s a lyric video if you like to read words while you listen to music.

Two new songs! Both beginning with A…

Hi! I recently decided to simplify my songwriting/recording life, by just recording all my songs in alphabetical order. No more second-guessing which songs to do. At least, for now.

Here’s the first two! ‘AA Plus’ and ‘A Letter’. Google Sheets seems to think ‘A’, followed by a space, comes before ‘A’ followed by anything else. *shrug*

Exploding Head Syndrome EP

Here’s a few new songs from Anecdata – heading off in a bit of a different direction, style-wise… it’s the Exploding Head Syndrome EP!

Three new songs, a remix, and if you download the whole EP as a package from Bandcamp, a couple of demos too.

Spotify, Google, etc links coming soon.

If you haven’t already, check out the Anecdata cover of Devo’s ‘Girl U Want’ and recent album ‘By Choice or Design’, in posts below.

New name, new song

Hi! Turns out there’s too many other things – bands included – with names like ‘Radio Over Moscow’. I should have expected this, considering the moniker was a pun itself.

So, Radio Over Moscow is now… ANECDATA! It took a couple of weeks to find something that wasn’t already taken. Every other cool idea for a band name I googled was already taken, usually by a progressive metal band. Those guys really know how to name bands.

Anecdata was an idea for an album title I’ve had kicking around, but since it’s the only word I can find that’s a) cool and b) not taken, it’s now the ‘band’ name for my rock/indie stuff.

And here’s the first song from the upcoming album BY CHOICE OR DESIGN. It’s called ‘We’re Not in Love with Earth’, and it was released on Earth Day, 2016, purely by coincidence. Honestly.