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‘Tokyo Regret’ from the upcoming album ‘Battle Thru Time’

New song! ‘Tokyo Regret’ is the first song – as in it’s track numero uno on the record – and the first song completed from the next Anecdata album, ‘Battle Thru Time’. Check it out on Spotify, or download (free/pay what you want) from Bandcamp below.

TOKYO REGRET - cover art

New song! ‘Albuquerque’

Wrote a new song. It’s called ‘Albuquerque‘ and it has an LM-1 drum machine, gated reverb, echoing guitar, a synth using a preset called ‘Van Halen Jump’, sampled choir, Fairlight emulator, lead synthesizer and the phrase ‘vibrations of a string in 10D’.

The b-side is ‘Arecibo‘. It’s an instrumental, so took minutes to mix because I didn’t have to make my voice fit. Features the LM-1, a squelchy synth, some Polymoog sounds, the world’s fakest handclaps and a weird key change.

And finally, there’s the original demo of ‘Albuquerque‘ so you can imagine how it might have sounded if I hadn’t developed an unhealthy obsession with Prince-style drum sounds in the past few months.

Free download/pay what you want. Tell me what you think! Will be on Spotify, Apple, etc too sometime in the next few days.

SHORT SHARP SHOCKS – all the streaming and download links

Here’s everywhere you can listen to/download the new Anecdata album, Short Sharp Shocks.


Chances are it’s elsewhere too, but those are the big ones.

I’ve also made this little playlist of the best of Kosh Records – ie, me – including songs from Dharma Police and Planet Claire. 15 songs, 43 minutes. Enjoy!

Short Sharp Shocks – the new album from Anecdata

I know, it’s been only months since the last one… but here’s Short Sharp Shocks. A bunch of fast-ish, hard-ish no-frills tunes slathered in distorted guitars, barely scraping the two-minute mark.

Over the years I’ve been doing this, the little songs build up – the ones that don’t make it onto other albums for various reasons often unrelated to their quality. This is a collection of those songs – some old, and some new ones that seemed to fit the bill.

The record kicks off with ‘Just a Car’, which is driven by perhaps one of the first riffs I ever wrote. Next up is ‘Your Money is Mine’, which only came into existence in February – a baby!

Other highlights include ‘Irrelevant’, which takes an alternative view of Star Trek’s Borg species, the grunge-groove of ‘On the Beach’, and ‘Siriscreen’, an old indie-pop song I’ve rewritten about six times over the course of two decades to arrive at this final form.

Listen on the right using Bandcamp – free download/pay what you want. It’ll be on the streaming services very soon.

(And if you haven’t tried it already, my previous album You Do Not Do has only been out four months… it’s different.)

‘BUT HER EMAILS…’ The new album from Anecdata


Don’t like Donald Trump? Like some synths with your guitars? Here’s the album for you.

Entirely written in the first month of Trump’s presidency, ‘But Her Emails…’ is Anecdata’s attempt to bottle the uncertainty and chaos of those first few weeks of the beginning of the end. Before he fired the head of the FBI, before the ‘Russia thing’ got serious, and when punching Nazis was for fun rather than survival, the administration was a goldmine of soundbites and ineptitude – documented here on songs like ‘Bowling Green Massacre’, ‘Executive Order’ and ‘Never Clever Ever’.

Pay what you want/free download. Coming to iTunes, Spotify, etc very soon!

Check out the first single, ‘Never Clever Ever’, on YouTube or Spotify.

NEW MUSIC: Never Clever Ever / Are You Feeling Stupid?

Here’s the first taste of my upcoming new album, ‘But Her Emails…’ It’s a single called ‘Never Clever Ever’, backed with ‘Are You Feeling Stupid?’

I know I said in the last blog post I’d just be recording every song ever in alphabetical order, but that’s kind of a dumb idea, now that I think of it. Maybe I’ll do one-offs, but for now, I’ve written a whole new record from scratch – and it’s all about Donald Trump. Truly. Don’t believe me? Listen to the two songs above and tell me it’s not!

Pay what you want/free download. Coming to iTunes, Google, Spotify etc very soon. Here’s a lyric video if you like to read words while you listen to music.

Two new songs! Both beginning with A…

Hi! I recently decided to simplify my songwriting/recording life, by just recording all my songs in alphabetical order. No more second-guessing which songs to do. At least, for now.

Here’s the first two! ‘AA Plus’ and ‘A Letter’. Google Sheets seems to think ‘A’, followed by a space, comes before ‘A’ followed by anything else. *shrug*