From’s Nicholas Clark:

“The album is upbeat, invigorating and colourful. The guitars are fuzzed out, delivering a wall of powerful sound while power-pop-punk style drums smash and crash through the songs with a playful energy. But it’s the keyboards that really take centre stage, even over the vocals, in many songs. Dan is obviously a fan of 1980’s new wave bands such as New Order, Talking Heads, Devo and Gary Numan. 80’s style synths buzz and purr throughout the tracks as a lead instrument, then murmur, coo and croon in the background while supporting the song. It gives the whole sonic texture of the album a futuristic taste (even if those sounds are, in fact, slightly retro and originate in the past).

“Set against these keyboards are Smashing Pumpkins style voicings, or power chord choices that wouldn’t be amiss on a Fu Manchu, Helmet or even a Weezer record. A New Zealand equivalent would be Good Shirt who combined these powerful guitar sounds with playful synth lines. The vocals are somewhat buried, but sometimes are vocoded, echoed or effected in some other way to draw attention to the lyrics (such as using a robot voice when discussing the topic of artificial intelligence). It all makes for an impressive, thick sound that largely shapes the whole album.”

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