‘The Wow! Signal’ backed with ‘It is What It Is’, by Radio Over Moscow, came out on June 17 2015. A grunge-pop tune about wanting to meet aliens.

Both songs written, recorded, mixed and mastered by D Satherley / Radio Over Moscow. Recorded 2015 in Glen Eden, west Auckland. A newer, better recording of ‘The Wow! Signal’ came out under the Anecdata in 2020 on the album Bunkerland.

Download the original Radio Over Moscow version from Bandcamp or the player on this page.

  1. The Wow! Signal Radio Over Moscow 2:44
  2. It Is What It Is Radio Over Moscow 2:39
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The Wow! Signal

Release Date : June 17, 2015
Artist : Radio Over Moscow
Genres : alt-rock, indie, rock