It Only Ends Once by Anecdata was released on August 25, 2017. The third Dharma Police release kept up the retro synthpop of the first two, mining further into TV show Lost‘s extensive mythology.

All songs written, recorded, mixed and mastered by D Satherley / Anecdata. Recorded 2012-2017 in Glen Eden, west Auckland.

Stream it on Spotify, Apple Music and everywhere else. Or download it from Bandcamp and get bonus song ‘He’s Our You’.

  1. Cabin Pressure Dharma Police 3:38
  2. What's the Plan? Dharma Police 2:58
  3. Craving Constant (Back and Forth in Time) Dharma Police 2:34
  4. Walkabout Dharma Police 4:05
  5. In the Shadow of the Statue Dharma Police 2:32
  6. Diamonds in the Bag Dharma Police 3:14
  7. We're Not Going to Guam, Are We? Dharma Police 2:51
  8. I Lied Dharma Police 3:05
  9. Fish Biscuit Dharma Police 3:33
  10. It Only Ends Once Dharma Police 2:10
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It Only Ends Once

Release Date : August 25, 2017
Artist : Dharma Police
Genres : electronic, indie, new wave, synth, synthpop