Circle Jerk 2010 by Radio Over Moscow (precursor to Anecdata) was released on June 29, 2010. A trio of covers of local Hamilton, NZ acts.

All songs recorded, mixed and mastered by D Satherley / Radio Over Moscow. Recorded in 2010 in Avondale, Auckland.

‘Violator’ originally by Love and Violence; ‘Disguy’ originally by Tweeter; ‘Satan’ originally by Amy Racecar.

Download tracks from Bandcamp or using the player on this page.

  1. Violator Radio Over Moscow 2:54
  2. Disguy Radio Over Moscow 3:15
  3. Satan Radio Over Moscow 2:43
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Circle Jerk 2010

Release Date : June 29, 2010
Artist : Radio Over Moscow
Genres : electronic, indie, lo-fi, synth, synthpop