From Radio Over Moscow

Contact – remastered!

Hi. I remastered ‘Contact‘, the 2013 Radio Over Moscow album. I know the universe wasn’t really screaming out for it, but I’ve never liked the tinny sound it had, so fixed it!

Little bit of an EQ rolloff at the top, boost a bit of the bass and add a bit of compression, and voila!

Get it below, and it’ll be on the usual streaming and online platforms in due course.

New name, new song

Hi! Turns out there’s too many other things – bands included – with names like ‘Radio Over Moscow’. I should have expected this, considering the moniker was a pun itself.

So, Radio Over Moscow is now… ANECDATA! It took a couple of weeks to find something that wasn’t already taken. Every other cool idea for a band name I googled was already taken, usually by a progressive metal band. Those guys really know how to name bands.

Anecdata was an idea for an album title I’ve had kicking around, but since it’s the only word I can find that’s a) cool and b) not taken, it’s now the ‘band’ name for my rock/indie stuff.

And here’s the first song from the upcoming album BY CHOICE OR DESIGN. It’s called ‘We’re Not in Love with Earth’, and it was released on Earth Day, 2016, purely by coincidence. Honestly.

Silent Invasion

I know I said this year I’d just be doing one-off singles, but you know me… always working on an album or five in the background.

So here’s the first single, ‘Silent Invasion’ off the  new album, provisionally titled By Choice or Design. Warning: It’s not pretty. It’s not a pop song. But I chose it because… well, it’s the first one done that I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s what I want.’

Enjoy, I guess?

‘Get Off My Case’ b/w ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes’

Two new songs! ‘Get Off My Case’ with obligatory b-side, ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes’.

They’re a bit dirtier, grittier than the last few ’45s’ I’ve done this year – check them out below.

And I wonder if this would be the time and place to mention while doing these singles, I’ve knocked together most of a new album too? As in, new. None of these singles are on it. Just like in the old days.

Another new single from Radio Over Moscow – ‘Override’

Told you I’d be releasing a bunch of one-off new songs this year! This one is ‘Override’, with b-side ‘You Can Do Anything’. More fast guitars and squiggly synths, with a tad less politics than ‘Try And Make a Change’.

Check it out below. It should be on the usual streaming sites and stores soon enough. Free download.

‘Try And Make A Change’

I’ve decided this year rather than slave over an album’s worth of stuff which I’m bored with by the end, I’m just going to release songs at random. In pairs, I guess – one good, one not-so-good – or as they used to call them, A and B sides.

I’ll be slowly working an ‘album’ in the background of other material of course, but in the meantime I’ve got a whole lot of kick-ass indie-grunge rockers I wanna get out there.

There’s quite a bit of variation in both the style, sound and quality (being realistic here!) and they won’t really coalesce as an album, so why not just release them as singles?
That way if you’re on my mailing list (just download a song for free from Bandcamp, and you’re on it) you’ll get 14 notifications from me, rather than one, haha…

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the first of these A/B sides – it’s ‘Try And Make A Change’, backed with ‘An Eye On What You Do’.

I’ll have some other links soon if you don’t like Bandcamp, but I don’t know why you wouldn’t! So keep an eye on the Radio Over Moscow page.

He makes it so easy

This is a real-life, honest-to-God tweet…


… from the subject of this song.

Think it was a one-off, a temporary lapse in judgment from Bishop Brian? Think again.

That’s why lyrics like those to ‘Church’ are justified.