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NEW MUSIC: Never Clever Ever / Are You Feeling Stupid?

Here’s the first taste of my upcoming new album, ‘But Her Emails…’ It’s a single called ‘Never Clever Ever’, backed with ‘Are You Feeling Stupid?’

I know I said in the last blog post I’d just be recording every song ever in alphabetical order, but that’s kind of a dumb idea, now that I think of it. Maybe I’ll do one-offs, but for now, I’ve written a whole new record from scratch – and it’s all about Donald Trump. Truly. Don’t believe me? Listen to the two songs above and tell me it’s not!

Pay what you want/free download. Coming to iTunes, Google, Spotify etc very soon. Here’s a lyric video if you like to read words while you listen to music.

‘Get Off My Case’ b/w ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes’

Two new songs! ‘Get Off My Case’ with obligatory b-side, ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes’.

They’re a bit dirtier, grittier than the last few ’45s’ I’ve done this year – check them out below.

And I wonder if this would be the time and place to mention while doing these singles, I’ve knocked together most of a new album too? As in, new. None of these singles are on it. Just like in the old days.

Dharma Police – The Glass Eye

Here’s something I didn’t know I’d be putting out today, when I woke up this morning. A surprise EP!

I was going through some unfinished stuff, and found a remix of ‘System Failure’ I forgot I had been working on about a year ago, so polished that off; also came across ‘Fauna’, which was something I spent far too long mucking around on and figured, you know what? It’s finished, because I say it is. Thirdly, ‘Buried’, which was on the last Dharma Police album ‘Question Mark’ actually sounds kind of better without my vocal on it, so there’s that.

And then there’s the title track, ‘The Glass Eye’.  It’s an instrumental in this version – was never meant to be, but you know what? It’s a nice tune. Why ruin it?

So there you go. Six hours ago I wasn’t planning on releasing any Dharma Police material for a long while yet… and here’s a new EP! Enjoy. Free download/donations accepted. Will be on the streaming sites in time, for now check it out on Bandcamp.

New EP of cover versions! ‘Others’

Others - cover

It’s called ‘Others‘ and it’s a four-track EP (as in four songs, not recorded on a four-track… what is this, 1996?) of covers, featuring songs by John Lennon, Pseudo Echo, Duran Duran (what is this, 1981?) and err, the Beatles. John again, to be precise. His songs are easier to sing than Paul’s, generally.

You can download it directly here (zip file, about 28mb) or get it via torrent here.

Here are some previews, so you know what you’re in for! It’s not on Spotify, Rdio etc just yet – I’m working on it. There won’t be a Bandcamp version as they don’t allow cover versions, for obvious reasons.

Building the lowest-budget studio possible

I am building the lowest-budget recording/mixing room in history. As in, I already own the room and the computer.

The studio, Sep 2014


This is the computer. It’s currently in the lounge, which is great for chilling out and ignoring hanging with the kids, but not so great if I want to practise some sweet Duran Duran licks while everyone else is trying to watch The Chase or 3 News.

So instead, I’m moving everything to the room directly behind me. The catch is, it’s a sunroom and has a bigger echo than John Bonham’s snare drum, so I’m sticking up some poor man’s baffles.



Yep, that’s a $25 king-size duvet from one of the great many stores that sells poorly-made crap. I half expect it to fall apart before the $2 adhesive hooks do, to be honest.

Anyway, that’s how it looked last night. Now it looks like this.



A second $25 duvet and a very west Auckland tiger blanket make all the difference! And I’ve covered up the faux-tiled lino with real tiled doormats. Why? Because I have two kids and two cats, and if any of them decide to take a crap in there it’ll only cost me $3.50 to fix. No, the real reason is that you need something to absorb the sound, and these cheap doormats are much fluffier and softer than any rug or carpet I could find, so…

Fry the cat approves of my shenanigans.



If you clicked this link because Google led you here in the belief you’d get some proper advice on how to build a low-budget home studio… buahahaha! TROGDOR STRIKES AGAIN!

Now go listen to my latest album Paradox on Earth, if you haven’t already. If you have, then, errr… thanks. I guess?

EDIT: It’s done! Check out all its majesty. And that copy of Farming Simulator 15 I have to play for work (no, really).



Check it out… the new Radio Over Moscow album ‘Paradox on Earth’.

Features 13 tracks (15 if you buy the Bandcamp version).

I started recording this album in February, demoing tracks like ‘Church’, ‘Fountain’ and ‘Antediluvia’, then realised I was onto something with that particular combination of fuzzy guitars, screaming synths and big, heavy drums.

Seven months later, here we are!

Check out the first single and video, ‘Church’, here. Or listen to (and buy?) the album in the player below.

It’s not on iTunes, Spotify etc just yet, but should be very soon!


New EP!

This one’s under a new – but old – name, Planet Claire. New, ’cause it’s the first time I’ve released anything under the name, but old ’cause I first used it waaaaaay back in 2000 or something for a one-off live gig!

The classic B52s song came on the other day and it stuck with me, then a few days ago I thought, I’ve got these instrumental things lying around – why don’t I polish them off and stick them on the internet? And use that old name? Yeah! So here it is.

How many gigabytes?

Just deleted all the unused files from the master mix of the album – you know, all the unused ideas, fluffed takes, dubstep experiments that didn’t make the final cut… 22 gigabytes. TWENTY-TWO GIGABYTES!

Ten years ago I recorded an album on a computer with about 3GB of hard drive. Mind you, it wasn’t very good, but still – it would have taken eight of those computers to hold just the mistakes I made recording the new one.