Decided to exercise the brain this weekend, and try some programming for the first time since the mid 1990s. Yeah, before I was a music nerd, I was a computer nerd. All I had though was a Commodore 64, and all I knew was BASIC, so not that much of a nerd I suppose. I would have been more of one could we afford a 1990s computer!

Anyway, with a new baby in the house I’ve not much opportunity to do much music stuff at the moment, so I spent a bit of free time recreating anĀ NRL tournament simulator I wrote way back when it was still the NSWRL. It has the team stats – like how good they are at attacking, defending, how often they kick penalties, how often they give up penalties, the difference between their home and away performances, etc. It randomises the draw each time you run it, still ensuring every side has an equal number of home and away games (much, much harder to do than it should have been!). Keeps a track of points for, against, etc. Runs the finals series just like the real thing. And so far, seems to be so scarily accurate that it usually produces an end-of-season ladder pretty damn similar to this year’s real one! Something I can’t say for a number of big-budget sports simulation titles…

But back then I never bothered to turn it into graphics – all that POKING and PEEKING sprites and everything? Nah – and I haven’t this time either. I’m only a relearning beginner, remember! In other words, it’s all text… and very rough around the edges.

Any programming friends want to take a look at the source code (written in Python 2-point-something) and laugh at how inept and inefficient it probably is? It’s not particularly moddable to other tournament structures just yet either, but would be good to make it so, if my skills are up to it. (That image above? Yeah, that’s part of the match subroutine. Subroutine? Do they still call them that?)

And graphics. You know. And then perhaps turn it into some kind of game, rather than being a novelty app. And then make billions of dollars, become the new Rovio, etc. I guess?

Or maybe this music thing will pay off one day… ha!