I know, it’s been only months since the last one… but here’s Short Sharp Shocks. A bunch of fast-ish, hard-ish no-frills tunes slathered in distorted guitars, barely scraping the two-minute mark.

Over the years I’ve been doing this, the little songs build up – the ones that don’t make it onto other albums for various reasons often unrelated to their quality. This is a collection of those songs – some old, and some new ones that seemed to fit the bill.

The record kicks off with ‘Just a Car’, which is driven by perhaps one of the first riffs I ever wrote. Next up is ‘Your Money is Mine’, which only came into existence in February – a baby!

Other highlights include ‘Irrelevant’, which takes an alternative view of Star Trek’s Borg species, the grunge-groove of ‘On the Beach’, and ‘Siriscreen’, an old indie-pop song I’ve rewritten about six times over the course of two decades to arrive at this final form.

Listen on the right using Bandcamp – free download/pay what you want. It’ll be on the streaming services very soon.

(And if you haven’t tried it already, my previous album You Do Not Do has only been out four months… it’s different.)

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