Listen to and/or download all Kosh Records’ releases below. For more detailed information on each release, check out the ARTISTS section.


DECEMBER – Anecdata single ‘Does Anyone Remember Helen Clark, Bobby Fischer or 911?’

NOVEMBER – ‘Saturn Was the Sun’, from the compilation ‘In Thrust we Trust

OCTOBER – Anecdata single ‘Queenmaker’

SEPTEMBER – Anecdata singles ‘Star-Off Machine’ and ‘Awake as the Sun’

AUGUST – Anecdata album ‘Bunkerland’

JUNE – Anecdata EP ‘Nu-Metal’

MARCH – Anecdata album ‘Battle Thru Time’


JUNE – Anecdata single ‘Albuquerque’ b/w ‘Arecibo’

APRIL- Anecdata album ‘Short Sharp Shocks’


DECEMBER – Anecdata album ‘You Do Not Do’

AUGUST – Dharma Police album ‘It Only Ends Once’

JUNE – Anecdata album ‘But Her Emails…’

MAY – Anecdata single ‘Never Clever Ever’ b/w ‘Are You Feeling Stupid?’


OCTOBER / NOVEMBER – Anecdata EP ‘A-Z’, including songs ‘AA Plus’ and ‘A Letter’

AUGUST – Anecdata singles ‘Howard Loeb’s Acid Fish Experiment’

AUGUST – ‘Is God Also a Lizard’ b/w ‘You Can be David Bowie’

AUGUST – Anecdata EP ‘Exploding Head Syndrome’

JUNE – One-off single ‘Girl U Want’ b/w ‘I Ran’

MAY – Anecdata album ‘By Choice or Design’

MAY – Anecdata EP ‘Others’

APRIL – Anecdata single ‘We’re Not in Love’

APRIL – Planet Claire EP ‘C’


AUGUST – Radio Over Moscow single ‘Get Off My Case’ b/w ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes’

JUNE –  Radio Over Moscow single ‘The Wow! Signal’ b/w ‘It is What It Is’

MAY – Radio Over Moscow single ‘Override’ b/w ‘You Can do Anything’

MARCH – Radio Over Moscow single ‘Try And Make a Change’ b/w ‘An Eye on What You Do’

JANUARY – Dharma Police EP ‘The Glass Eye’


JUNE – Radio Over Moscow single ‘Church’

APRIL – Radio Over Moscow album ‘Paradox on Earth’

MARCH – Planet Claire EP ‘B’


OCTOBER – Planet Claire EP ‘A’

AUGUST – Radio Over Moscow album ‘Contact’


SEPTEMBER – Dharma Police album ‘Question Mark’

MAY – Dharma Police album ‘It’s All Downhill From Here’

JANUARY – Dharma Police single ‘Skater’


THROUGH THE YEAR – Radio Over Moscow album ‘Deus Ex Robotica’


JUNE – Radio Over Moscow EP, ‘Circle Jerk 2010’

APRIL – Radio Over Moscow album, ‘Hide the Decline’


JULY – Radio Over Moscow album, ‘Battletech’