Hi! Turns out there’s too many other things – bands included – with names like ‘Radio Over Moscow’. I should have expected this, considering the moniker was a pun itself.

So, Radio Over Moscow is now… ANECDATA! It took a couple of weeks to find something that wasn’t already taken. Every other cool idea for a band name I googled was already taken, usually by a progressive metal band. Those guys really know how to name bands.

Anecdata was an idea for an album title I’ve had kicking around, but since it’s the only word I can find that’s a) cool and b) not taken, it’s now the ‘band’ name for my rock/indie stuff.

And here’s the first song from the upcoming album BY CHOICE OR DESIGN. It’s called ‘We’re Not in Love with Earth’, and it was released on Earth Day, 2016, purely by coincidence. Honestly.

Anecdata music Radio Over Moscow