Recorded a new album. A double, ’cause you know, how else am I going to get through all these bloody tunes I’ve written over the years?
It’s called ‘Undelete’. The cover is a photo I took a few years back of a broken TV on the footpath a few blocks from here, run through a neural net to make it look ‘arty’.
I put out a bunch of stuff last year that was either all-electronic or heavy guitars… this is neither. It’s a mix of ‘retro electronics and indie guitars – mining that early ’80s era where new wave was giving way to proto-alternative. Synths feature heavily, but there’s a decent amount of both jangly and distorted guitars.
It wasn’t meant to be a double, but when it came to decide which tunes would miss out, I thought fuck it. The Beatles put ‘Wild Honey Pie’ on an album. No one cares.
There was one tune that didn’t make the cut called ‘Dead Skeletons’, an almost comedy song about Jeffrey Epstein. If you want to hear that one, it won’t be on Spotify, but it is in the Bandcamp download as a bonus track….
Spent six months on this record, which you know, is actually pretty good going for one guy with a full-time job and family, huh. Major label artists are fucking lazy.
Anyway. It’s $5/pay what you want if you get it from Bandcamp. It’ll be on all the other sites (Spotify, Apple etc) soon – I seem to have messed up the release date due to the international date line. Might even be there by the time you read this. Go have a listen. Make me 0.00001c.
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