I am building the lowest-budget recording/mixing room in history. As in, I already own the room and the computer.

The studio, Sep 2014


This is the computer. It’s currently in the lounge, which is great for chilling out and ignoring hanging with the kids, but not so great if I want to practise some sweet Duran Duran licks while everyone else is trying to watch The Chase or 3 News.

So instead, I’m moving everything to the room directly behind me. The catch is, it’s a sunroom and has a bigger echo than John Bonham’s snare drum, so I’m sticking up some poor man’s baffles.



Yep, that’s a $25 king-size duvet from one of the great many stores that sells poorly-made crap. I half expect it to fall apart before the $2 adhesive hooks do, to be honest.

Anyway, that’s how it looked last night. Now it looks like this.



A second $25 duvet and a very west Auckland tiger blanket make all the difference! And I’ve covered up the faux-tiled lino with real tiled doormats. Why? Because I have two kids and two cats, and if any of them decide to take a crap in there it’ll only cost me $3.50 to fix. No, the real reason is that you need something to absorb the sound, and these cheap doormats are much fluffier and softer than any rug or carpet I could find, so…

Fry the cat approves of my shenanigans.



If you clicked this link because Google led you here in the belief you’d get some proper advice on how to build a low-budget home studio… buahahaha! TROGDOR STRIKES AGAIN!

Now go listen to my latest album Paradox on Earth, if you haven’t already. If you have, then, errr… thanks. I guess?

EDIT: It’s done! Check out all its majesty. And that copy of Farming Simulator 15 I have to play for work (no, really).


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