Gonna write a few words about some (all?) of the songs on the new Anecdata album, ‘Battle Thru Time’, which is out now in all the main stores and streaming sites.

Starting with the lead single, ‘Tokyo Regret’.

Unlike most New Zealanders, I didn’t get to go overseas as a kid. We were poor. Most people in my situation would rectify that at the first opportunity once an adult, but somehow I didn’t. I stayed kinda poor for most of it…

I always thought Tokyo would have been a cool place to go, but my first trip overseas ended up being to the far north of Queensland, Australia, in my late 30s.

Before that could happen though, I wrote a song about never getting to see Tokyo, and having to settle for visiting Wellington as far as capitals went – and how no one else really would give a shit.

The demo – included in the full album download from Bandcamp as a bonus track – is pretty close to the finished version, down to the stomping beats and ethereal synth outro. It’s obviously less polished and a bit messy, but I do like that pulsing synth that runs through it. Couldn’t really find a place for it in the final mix unfortunately, but that happens.

‘Tokyo Regret’ is perhaps the least synthy track on ‘Battle Thru Time’ so might be an odd choice to release first, but I don’t think anyone would argue it’s not the best song on the record. It’s been a while since I laid down the rhythm track, but I’m sure there’s some 808 drums in there, which gives it early ’80s cred.

Anyway. Get in touch if you want to know more – @koshrecords on Twitter.

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