I wrote this tune the day they confirmed a skeleton found beneath an English carpark belonged to the English king, Richard III. I woke up planning to write something a bit odd, but needed a topic. Opening up the news that morning, boom – there it was.

Before that day, all I really knew about Richard III was that he had a bad back, was the subject of a song by Supergrass and really wanted a horse. (Honestly, I actually thought he was angry he had already swapped his kingdom for a horse – I never read the play. Turns out it was quite the opposite…)

I really like the weird music I wrote for this one. I’ve heard it more than a thousand times now so it sounds like a straight-up pop song to me, but I’m sure it’s all over the place. I’d love a musicologist to tell me if it fits any conventional melodic/harmonic rules at all, ’cause I wouldn’t have a clue. 

I released a version of this last year which wasn’t quite as well-mixed as the version on the album. If you got that version before it was purged from the internet, replace it with these new mixes, please.

Anecdata music