Spent the past couple of days (outside of work, parenting, real-life) working on a Big – yes, capital B big – Rock Song. I figure if I’m gonna record with a real-life amp now, rather than modelling, might as well go all in.

The song I chose was ‘Perimeter’, which I wrote in 2014. The demo is over the top – everything as loud as everything else, huge drums, big riffs, blazing (yet rudimentary) synth parts, huge loud/quiet shifts. Perfect for what I wanna do.

Spent most of Thursday’s free time transcribing/programming the drum parts, then the bass. Today I worked from home to give myself some extra time (not commuting) and worked out what kind of guitar sound to use – settled on Big Muff Pi through the Marshall setting on the amp, in other words the classic Pumpkins, with some Orange amp straight distortion to cut through the mix.

Drums, well… I was gonna go something a bit natural and dry, but realised the song is meant to sound ***huge*** – and the muddy/fuzzy guitars needed drums that would cut through. Turned to the CLA kits I bought and never thought I’d actually use, only to find they were exactly what was needed. Swapped out the toms for some others from the Steven Slate set, ran it through some tape emulation and EQ, and bam. Somehow it all fits.

Synthesizers, used a mix of the Oberheim emulator OP-X II, a PolyMoog and Solina strings – the only catch is I haven’t done the vocals yet. God only knows if it’ll hold together after that.

Anecdata music recording