Was gonna record the vocals for the track I recorded last week, ‘Reversal’, but decided instead to lay down another song in a similar vein, ‘Wheel in Rain’.

Written around the same time, I figured if the mix I’ve got for ‘Reversal’ works, it would too for this one! So used the same drum mix and acoustic guitar mix, and in place of the electric guitar I added to the right channel last week, instead threw in a tambourine loop.

The melody for this one’s a little more complex than ‘Reversal’, so to beef up whatever weak vocals I lay down, added a simple Moog synth line doubling the melody.

As for the bass, while I like the McCartney-style palm-mute sound, I needed a bit more sustain on this one – so ran it through the Big Muff Deluxe on a light distortion setting. Gave it a slightly more muffled sound, but filled the bottom end out nicely.

I decided the piano sound I got last week wasn’t cutting through, so replaced it with a sharper upright piano. Then for ‘Wheel in Rain’, found a more experimental preset which added a nice subtle psychedelic feel to the tune.

While the piano ran right through ‘Reversal’, it doesn’t in ‘Wheel in Rain’ – so I added a little Polymoog synth hit with a lot of reverb at certain points.

Just when I thought I was finished, I noticed a particularly clumsy chord change from F to Dm7 – so went to re-record it, but my headphones were playing up! Recorded it with the rest of the track playing through the monitors… so if the track ever gets released and you have the kind of ears to hear that kind of stuff…

Songs vs albums

Been thinking recently I might not bother with albums for a bit. You do all these songs, make sure they work as a set, put in so much effort – and no one cares. It sometimes feels like you’ve just thrown 13 great songs to the wolves, on the fire, into a black hole. Wouldn’t it be better to lose just one at a time?

Might just do singles. I have a few hundred songs yet to see the light of day, dozens of others I’ve put out in the past before I really knew how to mix things properly that could do with being redone entirely. Seriously, I could almost do one song a week for the next decade without running out.

I keep spreadsheets of my songs. One is all of them ranked by quality – of the top 10, I’ve only ever released two, and neither in forms I’d consider satisfactory. Perhaps that’s an album. Amongst the rest are about three dozen allocated to a concept triple album.

The rest are grouped according to style/genre, but who really cares about that anymore?


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