There’s this thing you might have heard about called “the coronavirus”. Pretty obscure stuff to write a song about, I know, but hey – I like to stay a step ahead of the curve.

I wrote this song in February, just as the world’s worst wave of COVID-19 deaths was starting to ease. That it happened in the richest, most pharmacologically advanced country in the world is a testament to how fucked up the Republican Party under the Mango Mussolini and their supporters have become in recent times. All the advantages in the world, yet the worst response to the pandemic possible. Much of it from Trump’s mouth – bleach, really? Hydroxychloroquine? Hell, I wrote this tune even before horse de-wormer became the idiots’ treatment of choice.

Musically it’s all fat riffs, some of them nicked from the Stone Temple Pilots, shouting and distortion. Lyrically, it falls into that subgenre of mine where I pretend to be really tough and threaten to punch things.

I remember recording the demo in February very quickly, totally in the zone, but when I came to rerecord the guitars could not get my fingers back around some of the riffs – had to record them a few notes at a time and paste it all together, lame. I actually kinda like the guitar sound in the demo, but it was all software so wanted a dirtier, rougher sound for the actual recording, so miced up the amp.

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