Track #4 in the year-long attempt to record and release 52 songs – one a week! – is ‘Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse’. Yes, only twice – we all know what happens if you say it three times.

Early in the hellscape that was 2019/2020 – before the lockdowns, before the sky turned orange – there were signs one of the best-known stars in our sky, Betelgeuse, was going to explode. So a song had to be written!

Wrote it as part of the February Album Writing Month challenge, noting to other participants “it might work better as a more stripped back mix, sans all the noise”. Listening to the demo, it’s obvious I completely ignored my own advice, instead, turning everything up… it was never going to be a pop song anyway, was it?

Betelgeuse didn’t explode in the end… well in the end it will, but not this time. Couldn’t have anything nice in 2020.

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