Track #2 of my idiotic ‘A Year in the Life’ project – 52 songs in 52 weeks – is ‘The Last Pope’.

I’ve long thought of this tune as the epitome of the ‘messy’ category I mentioned in the previous post. The chorus doesn’t really have much of a tune, the verse lyrics are obscure beyond belief and it doesn’t really kick your arse. But not every tune in 52 can be a banger I thought, so went to work.

And was pleasantly surprised with how it came out. For all the single version’s wobbliness the original demo was much looser, with an awkward verse melody – once that was gone and the guitars cranked up, the song came together.

The lyrics are about the Prophecy of the Popes, the reluctance of the Catholic Church to change its ways and how these two very different things intertwine. Here’s the context: On February 11, 2013, Pope Benedict – the one who looked like Palpatine – unexpectedly resigned. It would take two weeks for his successor to be chosen, during which time I wrote ‘The Last Pope’ – noting that according to the aforementioned prophecy, the next pope would be the last.

Despite the ongoing clown car of revelations about the Catholic Church in the decade since, it still exists. Francis remains the pope, so I guess remains in contention to be the last? The prophecy is likely nonsense anyway, but still. Would be nice.

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