Sorry for the lack of updates! If anyone’s actually reading this.

Anyway, there have been three new tunes since I last wrote here. All on Spotify/Apple/everywhere else, or for download below.

We’ve been in lockdown here in Auckland for over two months now. Sadly, that means I’m about to run out of tunes to release… I have plenty in various stages of production, but can’t do the vocals to finish them off while the house is constantly full of people, you see? Still pretty confident I can do the 52 in 52 weeks, they’re just not going to happen all in a row it seems.

‘Safe as Houses’ is a tune that dates back a long, LONG time. I remember busking an early version of it about 20 years back, probably terrifying anyone out on Victoria St in Hamilton on a Thursday night.

‘Wherever We Are’ is much newer, dating as far back as… February. ‘Shadow Black’ was first written a few years ago.

All three tunes are probably ones that could be better recorded perhaps, but that would defeat the purpose of this project, wouldn’t it? They’re all in that rough/indie/grunge/synth vibe I default to.

One more out this Friday though – ‘Talkback’. Then we’ll see how this whole COVID situation develops…

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