Song #12 of 52 is a tune a friend described as a “creepy nursery rhyme” – ‘All Potato’.

I wrote it a few months back – initially it was just a simple beat with the bassline, which in my head was something along the lines of U2’s ‘Bullet the Blue Sky’. Obviously, that’s not how the tune turned out…

The lyrics aren’t exactly subtle, clearly riffing on the idea of ‘devolution’, to the point where Devo even get a namecheck!

The recording is perhaps most notable (really pushing the definition of that word out here) for the first appearance on one my songs by my two-year-old daughter, Arabella. You can hear her in the intro (I’m the one speaking Te Reo, she’s… making a noise) and later in the song, doing some percussion.

The reason she made the final mix is because when I went to rerecord it, I realised the demo had not just a killer guitar tone – since the song is literally the same few chords over and over, clearly the day I recorded it I was in the zone, changing up the rhythm and feel as the tune went, and I didn’t feel I could better it.

The problem was, when I did the original guitar takes Arabella was hanging around, whacking things with a stick. Ah well. These tunes are meant to be messy and  spontaneous, and it doesn’t get messier or more spontaneous than when a two-year-old is joining in.

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