Song #11 is ‘Wrong Decision’.

I initially wrote and recorded a demo of this one in 2018 after listening to whole lot of early-70s Bowie. It’s clear I’m no Bowie. Maybe late ’80s Bowie? But definitely not early 70s. Bowie.

My initial notes were that the tune was good, but the lyrics could do with some work… but they hardly changed in the final version. When you commit to finishing 52 songs in a year, some corners have to be cut!

Honestly though, they’re not that bad are they? The story’s pretty self-explanatory I guess.

The end bit with the piano from nowhere came about when I hit the keyboard just to check it was on, while I was working out the melody, and the chord I hit was unexpected but just perfect – so the end became a piano bit instead of vocal. For everyone’s ears’ sake.

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