Tenth song in ten weeks is ‘Everything is Here to Stay’. Hopefully not this lockdown…

I wrote the bones of this song in 2012, using some live-recorded drum loops. At its heart, it’s a power-pop tune; that came across a bit more in the demo, while the version above (and on Spotify etc, of course) – is a bit on the heavier, rawer side of things.

It’s about how nothing that goes online really ever truly goes away, and the idea that some technologies are basically irreversible, once they’re out of the bag. I’ll leave the lyrical explanation at that… I wrote it nine years ago after all, with little modification between now and then.

As for this recording, well, it’s me going hard on the fact I have an amp to mic up guitars now, haha. I also realised a lot of the melodic parts – both vocals and guitars – worked best in stereo, which didn’t leave much space for the main rhythm guitar except smack-bang in the middle, in mono. Not how I usually mix things, but there you.

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