Listen to and/or download all Kosh Records’ releases below. For more detailed information on each release, check out the ARTISTS section.


DECEMBER Anecdata single ‘Richard III’ from upcoming album ‘Battle Thru Time

AUGUST Anecdata single ‘Tokyo Regret’ from upcoming album ‘Battle Thru Time

JUNE – Anecdata single ‘Albuquerque’ b/w ‘Arecibo’

APRIL- Anecdata album ‘Short Sharp Shocks’


DECEMBER – Anecdata album ‘You Do Not Do’

SEPTEMBER – Anecdata one-off single ‘The Queenmaker’

AUGUST – Dharma Police album ‘It Only Ends Once’

JUNE – Anecdata album ‘But Her Emails…’

MAY – Anecdata single ‘Never Clever Ever’ b/w ‘Are You Feeling Stupid?’


OCTOBER / NOVEMBER – Anecdata EP ‘A-Z’, including songs ‘AA Plus’ and ‘A Letter’

AUGUST – Anecdata singles ‘Howard Loeb’s Acid Fish Experiment’

AUGUST – ‘Is God Also a Lizard’ b/w ‘You Can be David Bowie’

AUGUST – Anecdata EP ‘Exploding Head Syndrome’

JUNE – One-off single ‘Girl U Want’ b/w ‘I Ran’

MAY – Anecdata album ‘By Choice or Design’

MAY – Anecdata EP ‘Others’

APRIL – Anecdata single ‘We’re Not in Love’

APRIL – Planet Claire EP ‘C’


AUGUST – Radio Over Moscow single ‘Get Off My Case’ b/w ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes’

JUNE –  Radio Over Moscow single ‘The Wow! Signal’ b/w ‘It is What It Is’

MAY – Radio Over Moscow single ‘Override’ b/w ‘You Can do Anything’

MARCH – Radio Over Moscow single ‘Try And Make a Change’ b/w ‘An Eye on What You Do’

JANUARY – Dharma Police EP ‘The Glass Eye’


JUNE – Radio Over Moscow single ‘Church’

APRIL – Radio Over Moscow album ‘Paradox on Earth’

MARCH – Planet Claire EP ‘B’


OCTOBER – Planet Claire EP ‘A’

AUGUST – Radio Over Moscow album ‘Contact’


SEPTEMBER – Dharma Police album ‘Question Mark’

MAY – Dharma Police album ‘It’s All Downhill From Here’

JANUARY – Dharma Police single ‘Skater’


THROUGH THE YEAR – Radio Over Moscow album ‘Deus Ex Robotica’


JUNE – Radio Over Moscow EP, ‘Circle Jerk 2010’

APRIL – Radio Over Moscow album, ‘Hide the Decline’


JULY – Radio Over Moscow album, ‘Battletech’